A Mysterious God.


In a perfect world everything would be just dandy. No war strife hunger pain illness or tears. But we live in an imperfect world with contrasts so stark it’s not only cruel but savage and surreal. Some have it all and some knock on car windows not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Some healthy as horses while some fighting for their life. Some relatively fortunate living a blessed life and some have to fight for every inch of elevation. The first world and the third world, perineal war zones and edens of peace. The list goes on. Disparity so wide chasms so deep it makes you ponder deep and late in the night at Gods ways if there is one that is. 

I am a big old grouch normally and don’t like children per se. I barely acknowledge them if at all a perfunctory pat on the head is all you will get from me. But I don’t like them hurting and mistreated in any way, be it a beggar or a princes son any psychological or physical hurt gets my hackles up. And when you see them crudely cruelly brought up or beaten or abused it makes you question Gods ways. 

Theres A genius moronic theory that conveniently tries to explain all that troubles us to past life sins. Apparently there’s someone who keeps a record of our vile ways and apt punishment is meted out in the next birth. Not in the same lifetime where you are cognizant of your deeds and would be willing and accepting of reciprocity but in a new birth with a new slate where you are completely unaware of supposed heinous crimes committed. If the so called judge who passes the judgements would be doing so when the perpetrator of the previous birth is an adult and able to absorb the dystrophies written for him I would still be a little accepting of God but when small children are beaten abused worked to emancipation or brought up savagely and the troubles explained away to past life crimes I become suspicious of Gods so called benign merciful ways. 

If everything popularly believed is to be believed and basic contemplation applied coming to a conclusion that God is harsh judgmental cruel sadist who thrives on making lives miserable for many and rhapsodic for some would not be difficult. 

Would it not be prudent to punish people in the same lifetime, some sort of instant reciprocation making the human race fearful of immediate justice that we would be treading on eggshells wary of slightest misdemeanors forget more heinous crimes. It would become a utopia the world we live in, all on their best behavior lest they get on gods wrong side. If God actually had humanities best intentions in mind he would be doing exactly that. But alas God in his mysteriously enlightened ways deems fit to wait till our next birth before igniting hells fires. I will not even go into some religions theories that if you sin now you will not get a human birth but a lesser animal life. It makes things even more perplexing as if I have sinned in the previous birth I shouldn’t even be born as a human again forget paying for past life’s sins. So many questions and no easy answers. I leave it for you as food for your thoughts on those sleepless nights. 

Another pet peeve is why should we age, grow infirm in continent spending the heydays in misery, sometimes with enough money to see us through to the funeral pyre and many a times dependent on others for morsels of food and strips of medicines. Is it necessary to go through such sufferings before God decides to bestow  oblivion. Years of illness pain and agony for some and a quick relatively painless death for some. Wouldn’t it be more kind to simply end a life at a certain age before ailments and destitution hound. In fact why should there be diseases, economic disparities? Everyone lives healthy and dies healthy and all equal to a certain extent. A socialists wet dream. But God in his infinite wisdom decides to unleash an entire plethora sicknesses and distress on us mortals belly laughing with tears of mirth rolling down his eyes as he watches us wriggle in agony perhaps. 

Animals too are not better off some living a life of relative ease in wilderness some captured for a lifetime of captivity and torture. Some safe in sanctuaries others running for their life everyday, the hunters and poachers breathing down their neck. A bullock with a sadistic cruel owner and another with a kinder one. You get my drift and I need not go on I am sure my dear friends. Lucky or unlucky? Again there are no easy answers. 

With everything that is going there is an existence that is making the world go round. A mathematical equation, an alien race who has put us here or the numerous variations of the almighty God. What I don’t know but does it really have the best intentions for all or only for the destined few who purportedly have been saints in previous births and the vast multitude of sinners suffering their hell most of the days of their lives. What happens happens for the best? Have I committed blasphemy through this sacrilegious acrimonious and rancorous text? Well that I leave for you to decide and the presence up there. 

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Veeru Chheda

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Veeru Chheda

About the Author

When I write I lay bare my soul. Amateurish attempts even if. That was my biggest dilemma when I thought of starting a blog. For when you open up deep hidden recesses of your inside, you are judged.

Sure you are applauded a little for what you did right but then the criticism comes in tons for your follies.

For the world is a cruel place indeed!

I have finally decided to go ahead with and post what has encompassed my life recently. Poetry. The words of exhilaration of anguish of tears of laughter of sometimes deep dark expressions waiting for a medium, for an outpour. Paths made of alphabets meandering through melancholy pain betrayal interspersed with brief bursts of bright and beautiful.

Poetry is what but a symphony of the pages with the writer wielding the baton making the words dance to a music that only he hears.

I am a man of contradictions, does that mean I say one thing and do the other? No! I do one thing and also do the other.

Middle age is when you look in the mirror and fret about what you see. At the threshold of old age with triumphs and regrets tucked in your holster You wait gingerly to cross over to the other fight.
When you look back with pleasure and pain and ahead with trepidation and hope.

So Dear Readers, let’s explore this beautiful world of words together. In my blog you will find poetry, short stories, travel reviews and tips and last but not the least Food. Restaurant reviews recipes and much more for I live to eat. For there is nothing more satisfying to soul than a good meal.

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of content but have patience for I have just started and will be posting as the write ups are ready. Please do express your thoughts on what is here anything from The Good The Bad and The Ugly for it will inspire me onwards and upwards. Jai Hind.