Sahastrafana sanitarium lonavala


Sahastrafana Parshvanath Jain Sanitarium Lonavala. 

I have started loving this place for its peace, tranquility and positive vibrations that emanate from the jain temple in the premises. Big complex with rooms in configuration of 1: Studio 2: one bhk 3: two bhk. All the rooms/ flats are well appointed with air conditioning in all rooms televisions refrigerators and a fully equipped kitchenette. Special mention for the studios which are newly constructed, huge with a king sized bed a single bed, two air conditioners refrigerator and a fully equipped kitchenette.  Much more luxuriously appointed as compared to older configurations and sleeps three with a nice sit out looking out to the garden perfect place to read a good book and just be alone. Studio is what we have been booking frequently last couple of years. Don’t come here expecting a Hotel, room service, cigarettes, alcohol, non jain and non vegetarian food. This is a sanitarium pure and simple but much better than many others. 

The Jain temple on the premises after whose Moolnayak Shastrafana Parshvanath the 23rd tirthankar of Jainism this place is named is small as compared to other grander temples but I can swear by the gentle energy and positivity radiating from the temple. Go pray sit inside it will do you a world of good. Contact the office for Aangi Arti etc. 

There’s a garden, a children’s play area, religious books to read if you are so inclined and children’s playthings. Big property for leisurely walks with exotic birds flitting chirping keeping you company as you stroll maybe lost in contemplation? 

There’s a dining hall which serves delicious jain meals unlimited thalis for a very reasonable 210/- weekends 170/- weekdays. Dinners are a simpler affair @150/- but quite palatable and better than restaurant food. Only catch is that you will have to report for lunch latest by 1 pm and dinner by 8 pm. Breakfast is provided but you have to bring it to your room and eat also evening snacks tea/ coffee provided as well. Everything has to be booked in advance with coupons for meals available at the office. 

Some times the peace does get marred by loud incessant chatter as Gujrati’s being a boisterous lot shout and don’t talk when in groups but generally the bonhomie is restricted between the groups and is harmless. It does get on your nerves though as you try and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in the sit out wishing there were only birds for company. 

Charges as under. 

Studio. Sleep 3: 6000/- for non member Jains for a week plus electricity and maid charges. 

One bhk. Sleep  :

Two bhk. Sleep  :

Some deposit is taken along with room charges and is refunded after deducting incidentals at the time of check out. You are given an option of donating at the time but it’s entirely voluntary. 

Bookings can be done in the office of Sahastrafana jain temple in Matunga east diagonally opposite the famous restaurant Madras Cafe. A form needs to be filled a

nd only Cheque payments accepted. 

Contact no. 022-24010875. Mumbai office. 

Contact no. 9422548841. Lonavala Mr Arjun Singh Manager. 

Few important tips to remember. 

You have to be back in the premises by 10/10.30 pm latest or you might not be allowed to enter. 

Contact Pandurang for everything from getting your car washed to getting your clothes ironed and even that urgent medicine from the market. 

A cleaning lady comes twice a day to clean the room, wash utensils, wash clothes and utensils if any. But she’s very particular about her timings so please plan around her. 

No cigarettes alcohol and non jain food.

As you take the exit for Lonavala keep driving through the market and as you see the Orchid to your left keep an eye out for a right turn, take that and turn right again in a small lane and the sanitarium will be to your right. However if you want to avoid the whole market traffic take the second exit for Lonavala and then take a left after Mapro specially on weekends. 

Please note that I have waxed eloquent about this place as I am quite biased, please don’t go there expecting the moon but a nice laid back place to relax for a few days and go back the the daily grind rejuvenated. 

Decent WiFi available in all rooms

Smart TV Login with your details to watch proffered ott content

Shri Sahasrafana Parasnath Arogyadham · QC58+7M6, Valvan, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401

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