God to be or not to be


A god up there or a bridle to rein in the unfettered masses which otherwise would wreck havoc on themselves and the world as we know it. In my perspective humanity very soon found out they need organized religion to be kept in check for as someone said if you do not fear god you are capable of the vilest deeds imaginable. And also the most dastardly of acts are committed in the name of religion but more of that later. 

What is religion but a parallel government ruling over us controlling, collecting with impunity brandishing the most potent weapon known to mankind God. Just by instilling fear of God heaven and hell bad deeds spilling over into the next birth to torment us some by a promised heaven some salivating over virgins your strings are pulled, humans juggled around at will by books and godmen alike. Is it a way for human race to persevere for life generally is never too giving or claustrophobic shackles. 

I question Gods existence pondering late into the night as all the religions shout from rooftops about the beauty and benevolence of their deity. Now if a god is out there smiling gently in a rush to ease your troubles pains and your pitiful gains why in the hell (tongue firmly in cheek) is there such ugliness filth and misery in the world? People raving and ranting through their lives meandering in chaos inflicted by such wanton abandon by someone up there who’s either a complete antithesis of the idea of god integrated into our consciousness or a void of nothingness rolling over in mirth at our naivety. If we dare venture out of our sanctums us lucky few who live a life of comparable ease the eighth circle awaits of such such suffering and vast desolation in the lives of countless billions that had we not had the imaginary blinkers on or ignoring by choice or utter disregard to the plights the sensitive amongst us would go deranged rapidly. A world of devastation that even the very young are not spared forget the adults or senile. Cruelty intertwined with utter despair as they live their lives a day at a time. Not that we the lucky few as mentioned earlier have it too easy. Each one of us living a life that seesaws between hope and hopelessness trudging along with a grin on faces at the minor victories bestowed on us by “God” most of us choosing to see a better tomorrow. But we all have our torments to bear many a times so harsh that it would unravel the best of us. For the human is weak inspite his chest thumping proclamations to the contrary. Survival for most would be difficult without the crutches of god and letters proscribed in books they consider holy. 

For argument’s sake let’s say there is a god. Now if that is the case whose god is 

God the Abrahamic versions the Hindu  plethora or numerous other broadcasts? Because everyone is clamoring the highest of walls shouting themselves hoarse about existence of their versions and denying validation to others. I am absolutely confused at the choice and ways out there who wait to engulf me in their versions of true and false. As we veer into labyrinths of offensives and counter offensives a billion living one way and a billion the other and numerous gods on a platter for your selection. Am I committing sacrilege maybe I am trivializing god with my blasphemous words maybe I am but having seen living hells out there I just don’t care. 

The other side of the coin for there is always a others side as we live in a binary world the same religion has compelled humanity to commit heinous atrocities in its name for one faiths crime is others justified deed. One man’s elixir is another’s poison. Again I come back to what kind of God is out there and who is true. The one whose followers run amok bombing terrorizing killing almost at will or the other who remains a mute spectator while people taking his name are killed raped used and abused. The one whose peoples proselytizing ways are opposed tooth and nail by the other but still are steadily loosing ground. Who is smiling who is frowning, reality but a kaleidoscope of greys? 

Rapidly turning an atheist for as they say don’t take gods name in vain but in my many decades of life it has been mostly in vain. Being hurtled through life at !!breakneck speed rarely given time to catch my breath getting through many victories and abject failures taking the earlier with grace and the latter with a sense of humor as I have always been a firm believer in tomorrow is another day but the God has been seemingly in a hurry lately pushing me over the threshold. Do I write this out of any personal vendetta or having lost most of the faith the difficult questions which normally were brushed under the carpet of belief are coming to fore seeking answers that are nary to be found! 

A mighty omnipresent presence who chooses to turn a deaf ear to our pleas and entreaties stoically watching as we stumble through life gasping for breath at every body blow thrown or a puny existence who is as hapless as us at some weird mathematics at play. An accountants wet dream red books filled with our deeds both good bad and ugly with equal reciprocations assigned. The complex algorithms calculating across births escape not possible even with death forget uplifted arms wailing for help to “God”.

When I see a defenseless child beaten tortured and his life made hell you loose a believer !!

There is still time, wipe that tear

And you just might find me kneeling at your feet again. 

Till the next one


Do leave your comments. Keep the bouquets and brickbats coming.  

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By Veeru Chheda

Veeru Chheda

About the Author

When I write I lay bare my soul. Amateurish attempts even if. That was my biggest dilemma when I thought of starting a blog. For when you open up deep hidden recesses of your inside, you are judged.

Sure you are applauded a little for what you did right but then the criticism comes in tons for your follies.

For the world is a cruel place indeed!

I have finally decided to go ahead with and post what has encompassed my life recently. Poetry. The words of exhilaration of anguish of tears of laughter of sometimes deep dark expressions waiting for a medium, for an outpour. Paths made of alphabets meandering through melancholy pain betrayal interspersed with brief bursts of bright and beautiful.

Poetry is what but a symphony of the pages with the writer wielding the baton making the words dance to a music that only he hears.

I am a man of contradictions, does that mean I say one thing and do the other? No! I do one thing and also do the other.

Middle age is when you look in the mirror and fret about what you see. At the threshold of old age with triumphs and regrets tucked in your holster You wait gingerly to cross over to the other fight.
When you look back with pleasure and pain and ahead with trepidation and hope.

So Dear Readers, let’s explore this beautiful world of words together. In my blog you will find poetry, short stories, travel reviews and tips and last but not the least Food. Restaurant reviews recipes and much more for I live to eat. For there is nothing more satisfying to soul than a good meal.

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of content but have patience for I have just started and will be posting as the write ups are ready. Please do express your thoughts on what is here anything from The Good The Bad and The Ugly for it will inspire me onwards and upwards. Jai Hind.