Burning Bridges


The utter callousness with which we do it. Nary a thought towards a lifetime of relation both of blood and beer alike. Going through life in a bubble of pompous self importance in a rush to burn bridges at the slightest of pretexts. When and from where such a egotistical cocoon envelopes us is a wonder sometimes with nothing remotely substantial in the weave. Walking a couple of feet in the air expecting subservience from all and sundry is both hilarious and pathetic at the same time. The first at the guillotine are invariably the people you are born to and people you are born with closely followed by dearest of friends. 

Why the self defeating rush to alienate ourselves from best of allies to live in a vacant existence of self pity and bitterness or shallow existence of self centeredness which abhors societal niceties and plural norms. 

“I don’t need anybody” or “I can live without everyone” is uttered with such sociopathic apathy it is both frightening and threatening at the same time. It frightens because the person in my opinion is crying out for love and attention but with ego stopping him hard in his tracks he does what he knows best. Belligerence and withdrawal. It threatens because as more and more people go this way the entire workings of the society then are perched on a precarious precipice ready to tumble in unsalvageable depths. 

Why are we in a rush to tear apart the very fabric that though a bit claustrophobic but whose very existence is to extend care and comfort in difficult times. As families get more small and even more insular both from outside and within, living with parents a sacrilege and children raring for individuality even before the first phera the scattered silos standing eternal vigil against any trespass. It takes it toll the isolation for behind the bravado there is a subconscious yearning for society but so far gone we become with our thoughts that any retreat becomes impossible. The tragedy is that instead of turning to the true helping hands at times of need we turn to shallow acquaintances or paid care. The chasm between dear ones left uncrossed for so long it becomes too wide dark and deep. 

A resentment buildup is inevitable towards parents and vice a versa or siblings or best of friends and even partners for familiarity breeds contempt and we humans have an uncanny ability to hone in on the negatives conveniently turning a blind eye at the numerous positives. But if only a better sense prevails and extended hands of selfless love and aid are held and given the cherish they deserve the world would be a much simpler and a happier place 

Even Children a few years young withdrawing behind a veneer of rebel and indifference as a reaction towards the combined anger of parents frustrated at growing awareness of the world and feeling hithero unfelt emotions. Parents with short fuses taking on life without a much needed support system adding more chaos to an already chaotic life. 

And then there are some content in self centered parallel spirituality that is a rage nowadays. Lost in their world unmindful of surroundings and it’s needs. Zombies for whom all natural instincts are extinct. Love care family looked down upon tripping on a plane of their own imagination. 

As loneliness stealthily creeps in bitterness it’s perennial shadow is not too far behind. Emotional anarchy reigns supreme as we head towards an existence bereft of meaning and spirit. 

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By Veeru Chheda

Veeru Chheda

About the Author

When I write I lay bare my soul. Amateurish attempts even if. That was my biggest dilemma when I thought of starting a blog. For when you open up deep hidden recesses of your inside, you are judged.

Sure you are applauded a little for what you did right but then the criticism comes in tons for your follies.

For the world is a cruel place indeed!

I have finally decided to go ahead with and post what has encompassed my life recently. Poetry. The words of exhilaration of anguish of tears of laughter of sometimes deep dark expressions waiting for a medium, for an outpour. Paths made of alphabets meandering through melancholy pain betrayal interspersed with brief bursts of bright and beautiful.

Poetry is what but a symphony of the pages with the writer wielding the baton making the words dance to a music that only he hears.

I am a man of contradictions, does that mean I say one thing and do the other? No! I do one thing and also do the other.

Middle age is when you look in the mirror and fret about what you see. At the threshold of old age with triumphs and regrets tucked in your holster You wait gingerly to cross over to the other fight.
When you look back with pleasure and pain and ahead with trepidation and hope.

So Dear Readers, let’s explore this beautiful world of words together. In my blog you will find poetry, short stories, travel reviews and tips and last but not the least Food. Restaurant reviews recipes and much more for I live to eat. For there is nothing more satisfying to soul than a good meal.

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of content but have patience for I have just started and will be posting as the write ups are ready. Please do express your thoughts on what is here anything from The Good The Bad and The Ugly for it will inspire me onwards and upwards. Jai Hind.