The whatsapp warriors


The saint

The one with a direct channel between God and the group. He’s the first one to post devout and righteous messages, always the one rushing to teach correct and in general keep everyone within realms of his religious and social sensibilities. 

The holier than thou

There’s  not much different than the saint but this one is a pain in the behind. Oh! He is always correct can do no wrong and always on the look out to impart his wisdom to other mere mortals. Getting into long drawn out digital battles is his thing. 

The bomber

He’s the life of the group and there are always a couple in every group vying to be the numero unos. They forward everything and anything that seems remotely interesting to them  cluster bombing the group in regular intervals and their messages are generally ignored. 

The wisher

Now he’s a different species altogether only coming alive early in the morning and night with his posts of Good mornings and Good nights invariably flowery or of the avian kind with a teach  and disappearing from view otherwise.

The appreciator 

This one is needed in every group. Encouraging every forward post or personal writes. He’s perennially at the starting line just waiting for the ping so he can be the first one to post a thumbs up or  Rofls etc depending on the reactions required with a alacrity deserving national importance going into depression for rest of the day if he somehow fails to be the first. 

The eager beaver

Not much different than the appreciator while the appreciator might be trying to endear himself to the group our beaver has no such motive. He jumps into all conversations whether required or not, our guy is a happy camper enthusiastic about everything. A pacifist he’s at the forefront mediating in friends or family brawls ending all chats with his never ending arsenal of smiley’s. 

The critic

A caustic constipated anathema with the glass forever half empty. Rushing to correct any forward with the minutest bit of misinformation however insignificant.Frowning at all upbeat or satirical messages cause he does not have a stomach for frivolity and treating national or personal achievements with disdain and stern criticism. 

The strong and silent one

You know he’s out there somewhere lurking in the shadows considering it below his square jawed arms akimbo back straight eyes unforgiving gazing straight ahead personality that he’s created for himself. He comes alive on events wishing perfunctory before disappearing till the next birthday or anniversary.

Oh I am too busy

Now this one is the busiest person of the group forever silent with proclamations of lack of time to be doing something as unproductive as send messages when met personally. 

Political commentator

He’s a mix. On top of the political game watching news and reading papers with gusto so as to post views criticisms accolades according to his political leanings on every event that happens during the day. 

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Veeru Chheda

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By Veeru Chheda

Veeru Chheda

About the Author

When I write I lay bare my soul. Amateurish attempts even if. That was my biggest dilemma when I thought of starting a blog. For when you open up deep hidden recesses of your inside, you are judged.

Sure you are applauded a little for what you did right but then the criticism comes in tons for your follies.

For the world is a cruel place indeed!

I have finally decided to go ahead with and post what has encompassed my life recently. Poetry. The words of exhilaration of anguish of tears of laughter of sometimes deep dark expressions waiting for a medium, for an outpour. Paths made of alphabets meandering through melancholy pain betrayal interspersed with brief bursts of bright and beautiful.

Poetry is what but a symphony of the pages with the writer wielding the baton making the words dance to a music that only he hears.

I am a man of contradictions, does that mean I say one thing and do the other? No! I do one thing and also do the other.

Middle age is when you look in the mirror and fret about what you see. At the threshold of old age with triumphs and regrets tucked in your holster You wait gingerly to cross over to the other fight.
When you look back with pleasure and pain and ahead with trepidation and hope.

So Dear Readers, let’s explore this beautiful world of words together. In my blog you will find poetry, short stories, travel reviews and tips and last but not the least Food. Restaurant reviews recipes and much more for I live to eat. For there is nothing more satisfying to soul than a good meal.

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of content but have patience for I have just started and will be posting as the write ups are ready. Please do express your thoughts on what is here anything from The Good The Bad and The Ugly for it will inspire me onwards and upwards. Jai Hind.